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aj lee x cm punk x daniel bryan x seth rollins x dean ambrose ╼ the owners of my ♥ at the moment ·

my #otp got married and it's awesome ♥ · hbk is forever my favourite ★ · bow down ♛ · edge & jericho also make me happy -

sometimes you just gotta sit and listen to sami zayn’s entrance theme on repeat

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WWF Super Bowl Commercial from 1999. 



Count… what? (by @WrasslorMonkey)

You can see the exact moment where Naomi thinks “Maybe going back to NXT would be good for her.”

Seth Rollins’ Roman Reigns impression was something else

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"We are the dominant force in this company, and that’s a guarantee, partner."

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What if, instead of chanting “CM Punk” when AJ Lee comes out, you just stepped into traffic? Yeah?

i miss dean ambrose

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#WWEUniverse, welcome the team of @HEELZiggler and R-Ziggler (R-Truth) to #SmackDown! #WWE

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