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aj lee x cm punk x daniel bryan x seth rollins x dean ambrose ╼ the owners of my ♥ at the moment ·

my #otp got married and it's awesome ♥ · hbk is forever my favourite ★ · bow down ♛ · edge & jericho also make me happy -

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I like how his face changed that quick lol.

I would’ve done the same thing
Parents man I swear

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So I saw the wedding pictures.. Pretty hard not to and they’re wonderful and all

But Punk is seriously pissed and they shouldn’t have been posted without their permission, so if you’ve posted or reblogged them pleaseeee delete them.

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I loved you, you were my brother…”

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I would rather burn out than fade away. Whatever road I go down, it’s not gonna be pretty because it’s gonna be the Dean Ambrose way, and that’s my life story. It’s not gonna be rainbows and Skittles, you know? But I know that no matter what happens, everything is gonna be fine. I still feel indestructible.

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The fear of death is far greater than death itself.
But the fear of the unknown is the greatest fear of all.

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sunsethflips requested: 8 10 ambrollins moments         

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